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Volume 09 Issue 01


Discussion Paper: “The Mathematics of Excess Losses”

By Liang Hong


Advances in Common Shock Modeling

By Z. Ming Li, Paul Gregory Ferrara


The Recent Review and Changes to the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s Individual Risk Experience Rating Plan

By Jonathan Palmer Evans


A Note on Parameter Risk

By Gary G. Venter, Rajesh V. Sahasrabuddhe


A Survey of Approaches to a Changepoint Problem in an Actuarial Context

By Avraham Adler


Judgmental Topics In P&C Companies: Findings from a Prediction Survey

By Joseph Lo, Nita Patel, Alan Calder


Estimating the Parameter Risk of a Loss Ratio Distribution—Revisited

By Avraham Adler


Risk Classification for Claim Counts and Losses Using Regression Models for Location, Scale and Shape

By George Tzougas, Spyridon D. Vrontos, Nickolaos E Frangos

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