Class Ratemaking for Workers Compensation: New Developments in Loss Development

By Thomas V. Daley

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For loss cost filings beginning in October 2009, NCCI implemented the largest set of changes in 40 years to the methodology used to determine class pure premiums in workers compensation.

This paper describes the new loss development methodology NCCI has implemented, the applied research approach, and some analyses of actual results achieved after making the modifications. It illustrates how specific areas of class ratemaking were modified, namely, loss development, limiting large claims, and applying expected excess provisions.

KEYWORDS: Workers compensation, NCCI ratemaking, NCCI loss cost filings, class ratemaking, loss development by part of body, expected excess by hazard group


Daley, Thomas V., "Class Ratemaking for Workers Compensation: New Developments in Loss Development," Variance 6:2, 2012, pp. 196-244.

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