Distribution Mean Poisson frequency, λ Type of Severity distribution Per occurrence layers
General liability: Premises and operations 100, 500, 1000 Mixed exponential (mean 35K) 250K x 0, 500K x 0, 1M x 0 750K x 250K, 500K x 500K, 4M x 1M
General liability: Products Same as above Mixed exponential (mean 135K) Same as above
Commercial auto Same as above Mixed exponential
(mean 45K)
Same as above
Errors and omissions: medium lawyers 50, 500 Lognormal
(mean 250K)
1M x 0, 5M x 0
Directors and officers: public non–Fortune 500 50, 500 Lognormal
(mean 1.3M)
10M x 25M